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“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” – Albert Einstein

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Understanding 3D Printing

3D printing (also referred to as additive manufacturing in the industry) is an emerging technology that is now being used to manufacture parts in all industries.

3D printing provides possibilities which were not available to engineers before. The ability to manufacture any geometry brings about new potential for products. The design of products can be highly tuned for an application.

In the aerospace industry, 3D printing is being used to make parts lighter which makes aeroplanes more efficient. In the medical industry applications, 3D printing is being used to manufacture customized implants designed for the patient’s anatomy and specific health problem.

3D printing technology provides many advantages compared to traditional manufacturing technologies. There is no need for heavy industrial machinery, moulds & tools, one machine can produce an end-use product.

Additive Design has dedicated the past four years into understanding the capabilities of 3D printing technologies and working with clients to develop new products. We have acquired deep learning into developing 3D printed products and impart our knowledge through the client projects we undertake.

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Our expertise lies in taking an idea and executing it using 3D printing technology, as we transform your vision from a mere concept into a fully functional and operational part with a bespoke process. Being technologically independent has helped us develop and manufacture parts without being biased towards any particular machine, technology or manufacturer. Get ready to explore 3D printing like never before, as we offer the journey and not just the results.

Our Services

We have dedicated over 4 years of work in understanding the potential of 3D printing and its applications in different industries. Through our successes and failures, we have learnt many lessons and developed a highly optimized way of operating in this industry. These techniques are what we offer to our clients as services.

Product Development

Let us develop your next advanced product using 3D printing

Process Development

Let us create an efficient 3D printing process & facility for you

3D Printing Service

Send us your scan or design files and we will 3D print them for you

Latest Projects


A customised wrist splint developed by Additive Design in collaboration with medical doctors. CAST3D provides enhanced healing during recovery and offeres a uniquely beautiful product to patients. Now available via the CAST3D lab based in Leeds, UK.


Developed an end-to-end manufacturing process for a Titanium medical device compliant with medical regulations. This project utilised powder bed fusion 3D printing technology to enable the manufacturing of customised medical implants.


Re-designed climbing equipment with improved safety and high load-bearing capacity with internal lattice structures. The design is light-weight and of high-strength, and showcases the potential of 3D Printing in producing highly complex features.

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