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We envision to change the future, and luckily that is where everyone is heading.

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A dynamic team effectively balancing friendly and professional.

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Explore and learn the endless possibilities of 3D printing.

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Get a good look at all the people you will be working with.

A Little More About Us

We are a team consisting of creative, enthusiastic and tenacious individuals who enjoy solving a variety of problems. We have been working together since university days. We initially ventured into 3D printing as a personal endeavour to better understand and explore this ever-evolving technology & discipline. We have encountered all the problems and we have asked all those questions that anyone new to this industry would. We completely understand the fear of stepping into the unknown, which is why our friendly yet professional work culture is very appealing to many of our clients. We closely work with our clients and produce high-value results and not just tick off deliverables.

Since we started undertaking projects we have always ensured that we deliver the highest quality of work that is always meticulously complied. This method has cemented our understanding of this industry and assured the exactitude of our approach. We aim to impact on people, the environment and the society, positively through our work. A vision that transforms any idea into a globally impacting phenomenon, is what we are all about here at Additive Design.

If you decide to visit us, be assured that a hot cup of tea with a tasty set of cookies will be waiting for you.

An Expert Hand

 3D printing provides huge potential to create new products and components, whilst eliminating the traditional design & manufacturing constraints. The complexities associated with using 3D printing mean you need industry experts to achieve high-quality results. That is where we come in, not only do we strive to achieve all objectives based on our client’s specifications, we will develop the best possible solutions using the latest 3D printing technologies. By working closely with us, our client’s expand their knowledge of 3D printing and develop a solid base for any future undertakings. We endeavour to work flexibly based on our client’s schedule and deadlines where possible.

Our Team

Ali Abdi

Ali Abdi

CEO & Director of AM

Gaurav Chauhan

Gaurav Chauhan

Director of Design

Dr. Reza Abdi

Dr. Reza Abdi

Director of Operations

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