Alireza Abdi

CEO & Director of Additive Manufacturing

Role in Additive Design:

Manage projects at Additive Design and undertake R&D activities.



8 years of experience of working with AM technologies to develop next generation aerospace components and customised medical devices. Worked with clients such as Johnson & Johnson and Rolls Royce to adopt AM aligned with regulatory requirements. Utilised design optimisation, lattice design and other Design for AM (DfAM) methods to design components which take advantage of the potential of AM.



  • Medical Device Development using AM technologies: metals (EBM & DMLS) and polymers (SLA & SLS)
  • End-to-End process development; creation of manufacturing chains from design to post-processing and the parallel digital flows.
  • Design Optimisation: use of design software to create designs optimised for mass, mechanical and thermal properties.