The MVP Service


A few years back ‘Additive Design’ set out to develop a new MedTech device. Our engineering expertise helped us create the product. However, the lack of medical expertise and insight, meant that we would struggle for years to gain clarity about the application of the device. Our idea was sound, but we were short on resources and medical insight. Any endeavour to break this barrier was constantly met with a resource-intensive project, something that we could not afford.

These shortcomings were recognised by us, and we developed a service where we extend our expertise & experience to businesses and individuals, looking to develop new ideas but are bound by time and their access to resources.

The MVP (Minimal Viable Product) Service will help you develop your idea into a functional prototype in a rapid timescale. The MVP typically lasts 2 months and will focus on capturing your vision and making it a reality.


The MVP helps you develop your idea into fully functional prototypes and this journey consists of the following three stages;

Defining The Product Vision

We shape your idea with regular meetings, to accurately gauge and capture your vision and achieve your desired goal. The product specification becomes the foundation for the overall project.

Design Development

Our team will set about generating design concepts on paper and in partnership with you. Through discussion and evaluation, we will select the best concept to take forward to the 3D modelling stage.

Now, through an iterative design and optimization process, multiple prototypes will be generated utilising our in-house manufacturing facility.

This process will result in a functional prototype which would meet all design specifications.

Viability Analysis

In addition to functional prototypes, we will generate supporting technical documents that allow you to further develop, test and commercialise your product.

If you are looking to explore our MVP service, please complete the form below and we can set up a free consultation to explore all possibilities.