Reza Abdi

Director of Operations

Role in Additive Design:

Reza coordinates business development and quality system management and contributes to R&D of products and processes and networking.


Over 20 years of academic, industrial, and consultancy experience with an international reputation in the areas of Manufacturing Systems, Industry 4.0, Operations and Supply Chain Management along with the application of decision support systems, particularly in the areas of computer modelling and simulation. Has published numerous highly cited papers in international peer-reviewed journals, two books, several book chapters, and 70+ papers presented in international conference proceedings in the areas of reconfigurable manufacturing, supply chain and operations management, and environment and water management. Reza has delivered keynote speeches and organised workshops and seminars for several international conferences.



  • Industry 4.0, Reconfigurable Manufacturing, and Smart Factory moving towards 4IR- customisation, digitisation & integration
  • Supply Chain Architecture and Management towards Value Chain and  Circular Economy
  • Decision support systems, advanced decision modelling and simulation, and business analytics through using digital technology and contemporary software