Our Prime Projects

The efficient use of AM in the following, highlight the range & diversity of the projects undertaken by Additive Design.


A customised wrist splint developed by Additive Design in collaboration with medical doctors. CAST3D provides enhanced healing during recovery and offeres a uniquely beautiful product to patients. Now available via the CAST3D lab based in Leeds, UK.


Developed an end-to-end manufacturing process for a Titanium medical device compliant with medical regulations. This project utilised powder bed fusion 3D printing technology to enable the manufacturing of customised medical implants.

The Carabiner

Re-designed climbing equipment with improved safety and high load-bearing capacity with internal lattice structures. The design is light-weight and of high-strength, and showcases the potential of 3D Printing in producing highly complex features.

Performance Testing

All available Laser & Electron Beam AM machines were tested for critical performance characteristics using different powder materials. Extensive testing & analysis revealed the strengths and weaknesses of the different AM machines. 

AM Digital Management System

A fully traceable indigenous digital system that manages the manufacturing process. System checkpoints are used to monitor every part being manufactured at every stage of the process. Sophisticated machine management is integrated into the system.

Heat Flow & Melt Area Analysis

A tool developed to map the heat flow by analysing the melt area for every build, using the generated slice files. Utilised during the build-design stage to identify potential problem areas and to minimise variation of material properties within the build.

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