Implementing 3D Printing

Our services are intensely researched, creatively developed & methodically optimized for fluid implementation.

Product Development

Let us develop your next advanced product using 3D printing.

Process Development

Let us create an efficient 3D printing process & facility for you.

3D Scanning Service

Book an appointment to scan any object or body part with us.

3D Printing Service

E-mail us your scan or design files and we will 3D print them for you.

Product Development

We develop products by utilising 3D printing as the manufacturing method. Our design methodology takes advantage of the unlimited manufacturing potential in the ever-evolving industry of 3D printing. We create products with an innovative philosophy using a meticulously optimized in-house design process. With comprehensive knowledge of DfAM (Design for Additive Manufacturing), we aim to deliver parts that have been optimized for 3D printing (DfAM) with the best possible support strategy. The possibilities are endless.

1. Problem Statement Definition

Capture of the problem definition and the goals of the product development project with the client. The criteria for a successful product are defined. 

2. Conceptual Design

Generating creative concepts and moulding them around the requirements by the client and optimising the product for 3D printing.

3. Lattice Structures
3D printing can be used to manufacture complex lattice structures which can offer light-weighting, impact absorption and increased heat transfer capabilities. We will assess the potential for using lattice structures and if deemed as advantageous, incorporate lattice structures into the product design.
4. Digital Design Testing

The design is tested virtually under various scenarios to ensure that the engineering requirements are fulfilled.

5. Design Quality Assessment

Early prototypes are manufactured and tested to analyse the aesthetics and functionality.

6. Design Flow Creation

Mapping a digital flow of how the design will be created by specifying design activites, file transfer and the range of software utilised. 

7. Material & Technology Selection

Testing all relevant and available materials and technologies to select the optimal combination, ensuring a robust design.

8. Design Optimization
The geometry of product is optimised at this stage for the desired functionality. We use topology optimisation for load bearing components which utilised artificial intelligence to find optimal geometric solution. We also optimised the geometry for manufacturing by minimising required support structures.
9. Final Product Manufacture
Final prototypes are manufactured to verify that the functional requirements are met, minor changes are made to improve the ease of manufacture. The Final Product Design is manufactured for the client as the finishing point for the development project.
10. Final Design Blueprints

Final design files, blueprints and manufacturing drawings accompanied by the design specification document are transferred to the client.

Process Development

This service is aimed at providing the opportunity for clients looking to adopt 3D printing with minimal risks. We will create a bespoke end-to-end modular and scalable operation for the client, to manufacture the developed 3D printed product(s). We will ensure smooth integration of the selected 3D printing technologies into the existing manufacturing facilities, with fully tracible process flow. With expertise in a wide variety of 3D printing technologies, we can deploy an optimized solution for the client.

1. Understanding Requirements

Understanding the client`s requirements with regards to the product quality and the manufacturing constraints.

2. Material & Technology Selection

Mapping out an end-to-end process flow for the manufacture of the product(s), based on the product characteristics and the material and technology selection.

3. Process Validation Strategy
A verification and validation strategy is defined based on the product quality requirements. This  approach will track the performance of the 3D printing technology on a build to build cycle and ensure quality requirements are satisfied for every product manufactured
4. Manufacturing Flow Creation

Mapping out an end-to-end process flow for the manufacture of the product(s).

5. Floor Planning

Tailored factory floor plans for the client’s facilities to house all 3D printing and ancillary equipment, with modular integration into existing manufacturing facilities.

6. Procurement and Set-up

Management of the purchasing, delivery and transfer of equipment to client’s facilities upon the client`s approval of the proposed process flow.

7. Tractability System

A bespoke fully traceable system to manage the manufacturing activities, materials and products within the process flow for archiving and compliant records management.

8. Health & Safety Assessment

Assessment of H&S by a qualified body for the facility. 

9. Site Acceptance Testing

Testing of the implemented manufacturing process to assess the quality and production requirements set-out by the client have been satisfied.

10. Training

Full training offered for the operation of the 3D printing equipment and the management of the facilities from technician to managerial levels.

3D Scanning Service 

3D scanning allows for the capture of 3D geometric data any physical object. 3D Scanning is increasingly becoming an essential part of the 3D printing industry and is used in creating customised parts or quality inspection. Complex geometries can be captured using 3D scanning and recreated using 3D printing, which was previously not possible. A 3D scanner offers a variety of applications, such as reverse engineering, healthcare, industrial design & management, science & education, art & design and many more.

We have developed 3D scanning capability at Additive Design and use this technology closely with 3D printing. We house a high-precision industrial grade handheld scanner that is fully configured and is in regular use. Several of our projects have used or are currently using this technology with proven results.

1. Scanning Strategy

The object being scanned is explored, and the applications identified. A scanning strategy is created based on the geometry and surface characteristics of the object.

2. In-House 3D Scanning

The object is scanned by our technician using different parameters to achieve full coverage of the object in the required accuracy and resolution.

3. Post Processing

The scans are manually modified eliminating noise and background geometric data to create high quality watertight scan files. The files are re-meshed and now can be used for 3D printing or other applications.

4. Further Use of Scan Data

The final scans are prepared for use. We offer free guidance in terms of software used to convert a scan to any required workable file. We can work with you to use the scan data for downstream processes, this can be to design parts based on scan data or carry out deviation tests for inspection.

3D Printing Service

3D Printing services are being widely used across all industries, however it’s in-depth understanding and its implementation is scarce.

With years of experience with several 3D printing technologies we are here to make 3D printing more accessible, by creating a plan based on the client’s requirements for the manufacture of their product, helping them explore and discover 3D printing free of cost, complimentary to the 3D printing service. The best materials and 3D printing technologies will be selected with optimized support strategies for each technology. If there are functional requirements, prototypes will be created, and the best selected to be further optimized ensuring that all requirements are met.

In some circumstances we may advise against 3D printing and advise alternative manufacturing methods.

1. In-House 3D Printing

We offer in-house 3D printing services utilizing the SLA (Stereolithography) technology, which creates high quality industrial parts with full functionality. We stock a wide range of materials compatible with the technology which can be used for a variety of applications. 

2. External 3D Printing

When a 3D printing technology other than SLA is deemed suitable for product, we offer a service to manage the manufacture of parts via industry’s best manufacturers. We have experience in working with external manufacturers to create parts in polymer and metal materials for a wide range of applications. With our expertise, we will optimise and manage your product to meet all your requirements while being manufactured externally. This service allows 3D printing experts to manage your 3D printing, more convenience for our clients.

3. Performance Testing

We undertake performance testing of 3D printing machines to analyse the capability to manufacturer complex parts reliably and effectively. A specific performance testing regiment will be developed based on the client`s needs. This service is suited to client’s wanting independent testing of a 3D printing technology prior to purchase or assistance in technology selection.

4. Post Processing

We can post-process your 3D printed parts with a variety of methods including CNC machining, polishing and curing. We can advise on best practises and strategies to achieve optimal surface finish, geometric tolerances and material properties.

Latest Projects


A customised wrist splint developed by Additive Design in collaboration with medical doctors. CAST3D provides enhanced healing during recovery and offeres a uniquely beautiful product to patients. Now available via the CAST3D lab based in Leeds, UK.

Titanium Implant

Developed an end-to-end manufacturing process for a Titanium medical device compliant with medical regulations. This project utilised powder bed fusion 3D printing technology to enable the manufacturing of customised medical implants.

The Carabiner

Re-designed climbing equipment with improved safety and high load-bearing capacity with internal lattice structures. The design is light-weight and of high-strength, and showcases the potential of 3D Printing in producing highly complex features.

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